As a Limited Partner and Placement Agent focused on community and economic development opportunities throughout the United States, we invest in and raise capital for affordable housing funds, RBICs (licensed funds participating in the USDA’s Rural Business Investment Program), SBICs (licensed funds participating in the SBA’s Small Business Investment Company Program) and other private funds. We invest when we believe in the team and strategy. We seek to amplify the profile of our clients and provide access to institutional investors including banks, endowments, family offices, foundations, insurance companies and other prospective investors.


We require alignment of interests amongst stakeholders. We invest in the offerings that we bring to market. We seek opportunities where objectives and resources are aligned and working together toward common goals.


We expect the highest level of integrity for ourselves and our partners. We do what is right and operate with honor. We require dependable and trustworthy partners.


We share our knowledge and experience from lessons learned during our time dedicated to community and economic development. We know what Limited Partners desire because we are experienced investors as Limited Partners.

We leverage our network to find, assess and invest with institutional quality fund managers who align with our interests and values.

Limited Partner

We commit capital as a Limited Partner to funds. We prefer funds targeting < $500 million with a focus on investments in the United States.

Placement Agent

We raise capital for funds through private placements. We aim to amplify the profile of our clients throughout our network.

Investor Relations

We work with fund managers to continue to build relationships and communicate effectively with the institutional investor community.
Eric Rosiak

Eric Rosiak is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer for Amplify Community Investment Partners. He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and has 16+ years of experience in structuring, investment execution and client management with a focus on community and economic development opportunities. Prior to founding Amplify Community Investment Partners, he worked at multiple banks and investment banks including Bank of America, Ocean Tomo, Performance Trust Capital Partners, FBR and B Riley Securities.

Eric is recognized throughout the country for his accomplishments as Placement Agent for SBICs and helped launch and amplify many of the most successful diverse managers and impact strategies participating in the SBA’s SBIC Program. He raised capital for the largest RBIC in the USDA’s Rural Business Investment Program history which invested in businesses providing value-added healthcare services in rural communities. Eric served as a Member on 10+ GP and Advisory Boards for private credit and private equity funds. He served on 20+ panels at conferences and events hosted by bank regulatory agencies, banks, industry associations, investment firms and law firms to discuss topics related to banking concerns and regulations, community and economic development, private credit and private equity. In addition to serving as Placement Agent, Eric has extensive experience as a Limited Partner with investments in five SBICs, an RBIC and various other private investment funds.*

Eric is a member of Class 54 of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University. He received a BS degree in Accountancy and a MS degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds the Securities Industry Essentials, Series 7, 24, 27, 66 and 79 licenses.

*As of October 2023
Amplify Community Investment Partners, LLC. member FINRA and SIPC. Please find us on Brokercheck.

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